Mormon Archipelago ( is a gateway to the Bloggernacle, the popular community of Mormon-themed blogs.

It is designed to be a useful real-time guide to the best Mormon blogs. Recent posts from these blogs are aggregated and divided into separate groups (of "islands") that make it easier to keep the most recent content available.

The Mormon Archipelago (MA) began as a small grouping of blogs and expanded to feature this portal. The MA is not a comprehensive listing of every Mormon blog nor is it the only portal into the Bloggernacle.

The MA founders who oversee this portal are (in no particular order):

Ronan (United Brethren and BCC), J. Stapley (Splendid Sun and BCC), John Fowles (A Bird's Eye View and Mormon Mentality), Geoff J (New Cool Thang), Dave (Dave's Mormon Inquiry), Roasted Tomatoes (LDS Liberation Front and BCC), Rusty (Nine Moons), Justin B (Mormon Wasp), J. Daniel Crawford (Faith Promoting Rumor and BCC). All of the MA bloggers also post at the Bloggernacle Times, where any MA announcements will also appear.

We are always happy to add appropriate blogs to our feeds. Blogs must be actively posting and generally sympathetic to the Church, both in content and tenor. As Eugene England once suggested, it is possible to "be obedient while maintaining integrity" and "to have faith while being true to reason." We only include blogs specifically dealing with Mormon topics (doctrine, culture, theology, etc.).

If you feel like your blog would be a good fit at the MA let us know by emailing archipelago at lds blogs dot org. Currently, Geoff J deals with the process of adding feeds. Feel free to contact one of the other MA bloggers too. Remember, we all have real jobs so please be patient!

Recent Comments
Additionally, aggregates the comments from participating blogs. Comment aggregation is limited to those blogs that 1) can support the technology (basically everyone that uses their own server) and 2) supports the Mormon Archipelago by placing a mini-logo "above the fold."

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